Getter Appraisals, LLC 

Certified Residential Appraiser 

WY #1116 expires 9/18/2017 

Appraisal Experience: 

I started my appraisal career in 2009 with William Getter. My interest in appraising started when I was working for a non-profit organization known as the Sheridan Housing Action Committee (SHAC). My job at SHAC exposed me to appraisals and I realized that I was intrigued with all of the details, mathematics, and information in an appraisal.

Having taken appraisal classes in different states and meeting other appraisers, I realized that Sheridan is one of the more difficult areas for an appraiser. My in class experience taught me different aspects of appraising along with the guidance from Bill. With the wide variety of appraisers attending classes I was able to broaden my understanding beyond the Sheridan County area. It has been a joyful experience for me to learn from one of the best appraisers in Sheridan and be able to attend a highly recognized school. I learn new information on a daily basis.

I have also received my designation through the Appraisal Institute as of September 2012. I was asked to join the Board of Appraisers for the Wyoming & South Dakota Board in January 2015. I am very excited about being an appraiser and will continue my career with Getter Appraisals, LLC.


University of Wyoming

Bachelor of Science

Major: Finance

Minor: Mathematics/Public Relations

Appraisal Institute Education 

Review Theory – Residential 19 hours

Basic Appraisal Principals 30 hours

Basic Appraisal Procedures 30 hours

15-Hour National USPAP Course 15 hours

Residential site Valuation and Cost Approach 15 hours

Residential Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use 15 hours

Online Business Practices and Ethics 7 hours

Online Real Estate Finance Statistics & Valuation Modeling 15 hours

Adv. Residential Applications & Case Studies, Pt. I 30 hours

Adv. Residential Report Writing, Pt. II 30 hours

Online Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approach 30 hours

Continuing Education 

Leadership Development & Advisory Council, Washington D.C.

Business Practice and Ethics 5 hours

Residential Applications: Using Technology to Measure and Support Results 7 hours

Regression Modeling: Why Bad Results Happen to Good Appraisers 2 hours

AI Connect 2014 Day Three 4 hours

AI Connect 2014 Day Two AM 4 hours

AI Connect 2014 Day Two PM 4 hours

AI Connect 2014 Day One 2 hours

Supervising Appraisal Trainees 4 hours

Appraisal Curriculum Overview – Residential 8 hours

Reducing Appraiser Liability: Using the AZ765 ANSI Measuring 2 hours

7-Hour National USPAP Course 2014 7 hours

Loss Prevention Program for Real Estate Appraisers 7 hours

Valuation by Comparison: Residential Analysis & Logic 7 hours

7-Hour National USPAP Course 2012 7 hours

Online FHA and The Appraisal Process 7 hours

2012 Annual Meeting Session – Day 1 2 hours

2012 Annual Meeting Session – Day 2 8 hours

2012 Annual Meeting Session – Day 3 6 hours

Marketability Studies: Six-Step Process & Basic Applications 7 hours


Past Employment: 

Loan Specialist

City of Sheridan
Assistant City Clerk

Information Technology (IT) at the University of Wyoming
Office Assistant/Computer Technician

First Western Mortgage
Office Assistant


Wyoming Collegiate Athletic Council (WCAC) Vice President 2005

Internship for UW athletic department for 1 year (2004-2005)

Volunteered for Special Olympics Summer of 2006

Member of the Powder Horn Golf Club since 2008

Appraisal Institute Associate Membership # 521523

SRA designation from Appraisal Institute 2012

Board Member of Wyoming South Dakota AI Chapter